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 --- Corporate vision to become a world-class supplier of coatings and application technology leader

On the strategic positioning
The company is committed to being a world-class supplier of leather chemicals, integrated marketing, integrated resource technology, services, management and cultural advantages and build customer service - Product Development - provide system solutions as the core of the organization, implementation to meet the personalized service-based competitive strategies to achieve the company became the first brand in the industry, accounted for the highest share of the domestic market and has a strong international strategic objectives competitiveness.
On staff development
Companies adhere to the "Germany first, best use" principle of employment and management philosophy; "identify with the company, self-identity, harmony together" as a common code of conduct of employees, formed a "equality, fairness, innovation, democracy" as the basic connotation organizational ethics, "professionalism, communication, self-discipline" as the basic content of the dominant public opinion, enhance the sense of responsibility of employees, communication and collaboration skills, promote team spirit, in order to achieve "enterprise development, human development," the human resource management objectives.
Our dream is
To "bring progress for the industry people" and "work together to create and share the results" as the core, to build cooperation between the enterprises, science and technology enterprise, innovation and enterprise. Strengthen the organizational construction, improve organizational efficiency, organizational activation, activate employees. Production-class products, provide first-class service, created a first-class brand, cultivate first-class talents, build first-class enterprises, made first-class contributions.
Our guiding principle is
"People-oriented, honest-oriented" business ethics and "advanced technology" scientific spirit of seeking progress of the industry, creating value for society, for the nation to contribute to staff development and well-being and efforts to provide customers with high-quality technical service and high-tech products, and promote customer development.


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