Service Tel:


 Customer pre-consultation (020-12345678)
1, the initial contact, to understand the project, to reach intention to join (telephone or in person).
Qualification examination
1, submit the requirements to join, fill out the "Application Form" and provide the city as well as the intention to join the bunk of the situation;
2, corporate identity and other valid copies of documents;
3, signed a letter of intent to join the headquarters of the burden of the pre-inspection fees (including ScS staff travel expenses, room and board).
Field survey district
1, the urban district with shops field surveys and provide project evaluation report for reference;
2 to discuss the implementation of the bunk and the franchisee is appropriate.
Signed a formal contract
1, signed a franchise agreement with the franchisee, according to the agreement to pay fees (franchise fee, deposit);
2, agreed that the opening of matters Headquarters from opening schedule summary table.
Store decoration and preparatory
1, to help review the design of the headquarters;
2, decoration headquarters while arrangements for managing staff recruitment and training;
3, the opening of the headquarters to assist the development of franchise promotion program.
Decoration acceptance and license processing
1, by drawing on the renovation works for acceptance;
2, decoration and began opening for business license and other related procedures.
staff training
1, shop at Headquarters arrange training new employees;
2, stores to the headquarters staff practical training.
Before the shop preparations
1, related equipment to determine the place, the technical equipment for thorough debugging;
2, well-staffed, and to order the headquarters of the first material.
1, the opening of the franchisee to submit the required business license and approvals relating to Headquarters;
2, joined the management unit transfer relevant information to guide management of the franchise;
3, cut the ribbon opening.


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