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1.18-32 years of age;
2. junior high school or above;
3. Familiar QC seven practices and sampling procedures, be able to deal with exceptions;
4. Proficiency in Word, Excell and other office software;
5. responsible, to complete the task superiors.
Second, security
1, male, 25-50 years of age, secondary and higher education;
2, responsible for access control and other tasks assigned by superiors;
3, can be hard, strong execution, subject to arrangements.
Third, e-commerce
Female 23 years old
job requirements:
1, oral English ability;
2, familiar with the basic business reception etiquette;
3, good communication skills, strong execution skills, learning ability to accept;
description of job:
1, the Department of Foreign message translation and communicated;
2, assist the general manager, business manager to the reception of foreign guests, a basic introduction to the company, products, technology patents describes;
3, the use of e-commerce platform and management (electricity supplier may participate in professional training, learning after passing the job);
4. Other matters superiors interim arrangements;


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